We have all seen the old lady crossing the road; we have all seen the drunk huddled in the shop door; what about the your postman, or the tired lady at the checkout?

I believe that people are good, but that people feel unable to show it because of the barriers that society puts in the way. I am a professional dodger of responsibility; I am also a creative donkey, who has witnessed a half-smile from a total stranger that has changed my life.

This site is about enabling you to let that goodness leak out into the multi-coloured glorious world.

Infect people with your goodness; I dare you!

Goodness flavours and shapes

Goodness comes in all sorts of shapes and flavours, a bit like Liquorish Allsorts. Don’t get caught up in the flavours you don’t like; go with what works for you.


The Goodness Project was founded by Nigel Derbyshire, to do something mind numbingly simple; help people to share Goodness.

Nigel has been described as many things, but this probably sums him up;

sense of humour; point of view; creative; technical; slightly annoying.

This site is one man’s effort to make the tiniest of dents, in the universe of indifference and apathy.

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